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Our specialists developed two out of the common components as part of the Punt dal Gall project in Grisons (Switzerland).
The renewal works of the Bramois powerhouse are currently in progress. The four horizontal Pelton units that date back to 1915 are being replaced by two new vertical Pelton units of 16 MW each. This work is being carried out while part of the facility continues to operate.
In mid May 2016, we applied our underwater engineering skills and pumping solution to remove sediments. This was part of a project designed to lower the water level of a stretch of the Rhône in Geneva.

HYDRO Exploitation - a skill centre

The company HYDRO Exploitation SA is a service provider that specialises in the operation of electrical installations and hydroelectric facilities.Under the same roof, we unite all the skills necessary for the operation, maintenance and overhaul of the facilities entrusted to us.

Based in Sion (VS), it operates facilities with an output of approximately 22% of Swiss hydroelectric capacity (25% with pumping). Together, these facilities produce nearly 16% of Switzerland’s hydroelectric power. As such, it is an important player in the sector.



HYDRO Exploitation SA
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