Analysis and adjustment of electrical protection equipment

In addition to the analysis and adjustment of electrical installations, this service is able to adapt protective equipment (digital, electronic or electromechanical relays) to different types of equipment : transformers, electrical lines, alternators, etc.

Existing equipment can be adapted or a new device installed in accordance with the specific requirements of each client.


  • collection of data on the equipment to be protected and on the protective equipment
  • determination of the adjustment parameters
  • preparation of a settings file for digital equipment
  • commissioning tests – commissioning
  • documentation and archiving

Compétences spécifiques

HYDRO Exploitation engineers put their excellent knowledge of different relays (ABB and Siemens in particular) to good use, as well as more than 10 years’ experience in the field of analysis and adjustment of electrical protections.

Avantages client

Clients who choose this service benefit from :

  • a personalized service
  • optimisation of maintenance and related work
  • limited damage in the event of faults (due to the satisfactory operation of protective equipment)
  • periodic inspections of protective equipment (on request)

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