This service aims at identifying security risks in order to detect eventual total or partial malfunction of an arrangement. Elle évalue également les risques environnementaux et opérationnels.

The analysis of risks is based on the case
history of operations and maintenance undertaken. It is carried out in collaboration with those responsible at the power plant as well as civil engineering and computer engineers.


  • establishment of the perimeter, the concept and the definition of the acceptability of risk
  • definition of indicators : security, people, environment, loss of water, unavailability, financial impacts
  • identification of risks
  • analysis and evaluation of risks according to the degree of emergency and gravity
  • evaluation of action being taken or decided, propositions for new action
  • calculation of the evolution of the turbulence index

Methodology is based on the ISO 31000 (risk management) norm.

    Compétences spécifiques

    The HYDRO Exploitation experts possess :

    • the necessary knowledge to apply this service to the hydroelectric sector
    • multidisciplinary competence enabling a global appreciation of the particular problems and the relevant measures to be taken proven experience of layouts of all sizes

    Avantages client

    The owner of a hydroelectric plant can :

    • identify security, operational and ecologic risks precisely
    • have a large quantity of information available enabling him to deepen knowledge of his plant
    • optimise his investments

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