Florence Fournier, the new manager of our analytical laboratory.

Florence Fournier took charge of the laboratory for the analysis of oils in our central workshops in Martigny in January 2019. An interview with a highly professional manager who aims to create real partnerships with our clients.

After obtaining her Certificat Fédérale de Capacité (CFC- initial vocation training  certificate) as a chemical laboratory technician, Florence joined the Syngenta R&D department, where she worked for six years. This means that she brings a high level of expertise in the interpretation of results, coupled with a real desire to understand the problems which arise upstream of the transformers.

“The aim is not just to give answers but to go further and become a source of new ideas,” she says. This leads to the development of a real partnership with our clients, based on trust and of course on the quality of our output, on which we have never wavered. In 2017, our laboratory gained Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification. Our laboratory’s expertise in undertaking physicochemical analyses of insulating oils has thus been formally recognised.

Florence is also an environmental expert and is attentive to energy efficiency in carrying out her work, aiming to avoid any waste during the analyses.

Our laboratory offers analysis packages allowing appropriate action to be taken on electrical plant. 

  • Targeted analyses during the first months of operation, when the transformer may suffer from teething problems.
  • Routine analyses at regular intervals during normal operation.
  • More frequent and targeted analyses when the first signs of alteration appear, so as to monitor their development and where appropriate estimate the remaining lifetime of the oil and/or the plant.

This information is extremely useful as it enables the replacement of the insulating fluid or the plant itself to be planned, so avoiding very costly losses in production.

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