The SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – is a large-scale remote control system located at the heart of a hydroelectric facility.

It provides a user-friendly graphic interface which supplies information in real time about the condition of the installations within a facility. The SCADA system also allows archiving and the interpretation of data in the form of trend curves. These archives can be preserved on a long-term basis for statistical analysis.


  • analysis of data that are already available in electronic form
  • proposals for the acquisition of new data
  • installation of communication networks (copper, fibre optic, radio waves, GSM network)
  • installation of new equipment and products in accordance with the user’s requirements
  • elaboration of an electronic processing and remote maintenance concept (remote access and control)
  • coordination and co-existence with other available systems

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation experts have the specific skills to :

  • produce a new installation, taking into account the specific characteristics of the facility
  • adapt SCADA services to the specific requirements of hydroelectric production
  • set up electronic processing and remote maintenance assistance
  • operate remote electronic surveillance equipment
  • intervene quickly due to the existence of a large library of images and symbols specific to the hydroelectric field

Client benefits

Clients who choose this service benefit from :

  • a « tailor-made » service adapted to the specific requirements of their facilities
  • personalized systems designed according to their particular needs
  • the possibility of remote maintenance, electronic processing and remote control
  • access to an on-call maintenance service

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