Transformer oil processing treatment

The treatment of transformer oil is an important maintenance operation in the life of a transformer. Oil treatment reduces the amount of water, gases and impurities in the oil.

Transformer oil has a dual role: as a dielectric insulator and coolant. During transformer operation, voltage, time and heating cause this oil to degrade and lose its properties. Treating the transformer oil restores it to a good quality, allowing the transformer to continue to operate. The purpose of oil treatment is to remove solid particles in the oil.

  • Reduce the amount of water in the oil from the decomposition of paper (cellulose), thus increasing dielectric rigidity.
  • Eliminate gases dissolved in the oil as a result of hot spots and of partial discharges contained within the transformer.


  • specifying the work to be carried out
  • installing equipment and treating insulating oils
  • monitoring the result through oil analysis
  • preparing a work report with recommendations

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation uses high-performance insulating oil processing machines. Operators are trained and qualified to carry out this complex work, and they are supported by electrical engineers specialised in transformer maintenance. HYDRO Exploitation also has its own accredited oil analysis laboratory, which can intervene at any time if necessary. Thanks to the experience it has acquired over the years and the large number of transformers it has been contracted to maintain, HYDRO Exploitation is a reliable partner for transformer oil treatments.

Client benefits

Customers who choose this service benefit from:

  • a personalised service
  • insulating oil analysis support
  • HYDRO Exploitation's independence from transformer suppliers
  • HYDRO Exploitation's experience in the field of transformer maintenance

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