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Automation & Control: HYDRO Exploitation becomes official partner of Zenon

HYDRO Exploitation is now an official partner of Zenon: an HMI/SCADA industrial automation solution for monitoring and control applications, designed to increase productivity. This service is aimed primarily at small hydraulic units.

Used as a control or visualisation tool, or alternatively as a complete automation solution, Zenon products integrates easily with existing infrastructure. The system guarantees efficient project management and maximum data security, while ensuring optimal operation. The development of SCADA and HMI solutions is much easier, enabling savings and increased productivity.

We are offering the Zenon solution for projects of low and medium complexity such as small hydraulic units. We have already deployed it successfully at several facilities that we operate, including the Farettes power plant owned by Romande Energie SA.

Our official partnership with Zenon confirms that our specialists in Automation & Control have completed training on this system and have passed the final exam required to obtain the certificate.

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