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FMHL+ : Control and monitoring of two new units

Between 2012 and 2016, we designed, supplied and commissioned unit control systems for two new pump storage units (120 MW each) at the new Veytaux hydro plant (owner: Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman SA, FMHL).

The scope also included the balance of plant (BoP) automation and control system, station service and electricaldistribution. We have thus provided:

  • The electrical cabinets of the automation and control system of the units, including electrical protection
  • The electrical cabinets for balance of plant
  • Electrical power distribution cabinets
  • The Supervisory control and data acquisition system(SCADA) of the new plant
  • Various modifications and interfacing with the existing power plant
  • Coordination and monitoring services during the commissioning

Due to the complexity of these pump storage units and of the numerous interfaces with different suppliers, our specialists provided important engineering and integration work. Thus their scope included the establishment of the base concept. Then they proceeded with the control software development, the machine protection implementation, the creation of the SCADA and numerous human-machine interfaces. All these components were designed to facilitate the future maintenance and operation of the facility. The factory quality control inspections and testing of the numerous cabinets and the assembly on site was also included as part of the project. The interface with the existing power station was facilitated by the fact that we already operating this facility and rehabilitated it in from 2009 to 2012.

Our specialist engineers, supported by the whole GEH Riviera Chablais team (plant staff), were then able to commission the two units, from March to December 2016.

Thanks to the commitment and maximum flexibility of all our employees, today the shareholders of FMHL now have a well-performing instrument, based on proven solutions and tailored to the individual needs of their new power station. All this was carried out as part of the specified ambitious schedule and in the required high standard of quality.


Our automation & control and commissioning services for hydroelectric power plants are very much appreciated. We offer integrated solutions for unit control which make use of the latest technologies in the world of automation, connected to SCADA systems. We perform a specific study for each facility.



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