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Maintenance management by performance: strength in unity!

We have been working with ALPIQ and OXAND for many years on topics such as risk analysis, asset management and performance based maintenance.

We are convinced that these new approaches to maintenance will allow owners to optimise the life cycle of their facilities,ensuring the safety of persons and assets at the same time. That is why we decided to strengthen this partnership in 2016 by a partnership agreement between:

    • ALPIQ, an experienced player in the sector of asset management and the foremost European hydroelectric company, certified ISO 55'001.
    • OXAND, a company specialised in the sector of risk mitigation and management for high-stakes industrial assets and its technology Simeo™.
    • HYDRO Exploitation, specialist in operation of hydroelectric facilities with technical expertise in ageing equipment and its maintenance.

As a result of this partnership, ALPIQ, OXAND and HYDRO Exploitation have the objective to combine their specific know-how in order to:

    • Develop necessary methods and databases (standard risks, ageing mechanisms of equipment) for effective deployment of risk analyses.
    • Continue to improve the relevant tools: SIMEOTM, evaluation and economic optimisation tools.
    • Market the services related to risk analysis and performance based maintenance of hydroelectric facilities.

We are pleased about this collaboration which will allow us to use the expertise and experience of these three companies in service of hydroelectric facilities owners, by offering them innovative solutions in the field of asset management.


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