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Renewal of Bramois Power Station

After 100 years of good and loyal services, the Bramois Power station has just undergone an upgrade. Within the scope of this renewal we acted as main engineering lead and we also designed, procured, installed and commissioned the upgraded automation & control systems, the station service and the telecommunication systems.

The Bramois hydroelectric generating facility was built in 1914–1915. The original equipment had not been upgraded since then and was showing clear signs that it had reached the end of its expected life. In this context, Forces Motrices de la Borgne SA (FMdB) decided to make a significant investment in the modernisation of the facility.

This renewal project consisted of replacing the four old generating units in the original building with two new Pelton vertical generating units, each with a capacity of 5 m3/s - 20 MVA. The objective: to enable annual power generation of around 81 GWh, representing an estimated gain of between 3 and 4% compared with the old machines.

The work was completed in two stages. This enabled reduced outages, ensuring availability of the full generating capacity throughout the summer period. However, this came with technical and safety-related challenges in relation to the parallel operation of both the old and the new units.

From the manifold at the base of the penstock to the high voltage circuit breakers in the substation, all the apparatus with the plant automation and control systems has been replaced. No fewer than 16 procurement contracts were managed as part of the lead engineering mandate assigned to HYDRO Exploitation, thus integrating the electric, mechanical, civil and automation works.

Additionally, we were also assigned the execution phase for the renewal of the automation & control system, station service and telecommunication systems.


Find out more: read the full report on this subject in the next issue of HYDROscope.

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