Small hydro automation & control

The automation and control system of hydroelectric power stations combines human machine interfaces (HMI) and control systems in order to operate and monitor plant operations.

This involves integrating machinery automation and control solutions using the latest technologies from the world of automation relating to SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Their implementation requires the installation of communication networks allowing interactions between control, visualisation and data acquisition/historization systems.$


HYDRO Exploitation can provide all the skills required for automation and control projects and also act on an ad hoc basis to perform a specific service.

  • engineering study : definition phase, condition assessment of existing infrastructure, definition of specific requirements, preparation of specifications
  • engineering : functional analyses, design and implementation
  • quality assurance and quality control during manufacturing of cabinets
  • establishment of communication networks
  • programming of automated control systems and HMI
  • on-site assembly and cabling
  • continuity tests, functional tests, testing and commissioning

Specific Skills

HYDRO Exploitation’s specialists :

  • can carry out a facility-specific study, in close collaboration with the owner
  • have more than 20 years’ experience in automation and control engineering
  • are proficient in the software tools required to setup a modern installation
  • can work remotely on installations and provide efficient support
  • put the knowledge they have gained in the hydroelectric power operations business to good use in their designs
  • can make their special skills available for other parts of the facility: high and medium voltage substation, automation of auxiliary equipment, balance of plant, etc.

Client benefits

The owner of the hydroelectric facility has the benefit of :

  • a multidisciplinary partner, skilled in all matters related to hydroelectric power stations
  • a customised service, for new or rehabilitated facilities
  • HYDRO Exploitation is not commercially tied to suppliers of automation and SCADA systems

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