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After 100 years of good and loyal services, the Bramois Power station has just undergone an upgrade. Within the scope of this renewal we acted as main engineering lead and we also designed, procured, installed and commissioned the upgraded automation & control systems, the station service and the telecommunication systems.
Our laboratory has just been awarded accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) in accordance with standard ISO/CEI 17025:2005. Thanks to this certification, the laboratory position itself as a key player for the analysis of insulating oil samples from electrical apparatus used in the generation and distribution of energy.
HYDRO Exploitation is now an official partner of Zenon: an HMI/SCADA industrial automation solution for monitoring and control applications, designed to increase productivity. This service is aimed primarily at small hydraulic units.

HYDRO Exploitation - a skill centre

The company HYDRO Exploitation SA is a service provider that specialises in the operation of electrical installations and hydroelectric facilities.Under the same roof, we unite all the skills necessary for the operation, maintenance and overhaul of the facilities entrusted to us.

Based in Sion (VS), it operates facilities with an output of approximately 22% of Swiss hydroelectric capacity (25% with pumping). Together, these facilities produce nearly 16% of Switzerland’s hydroelectric power. As such, it is an important player in the sector.




HYDRO Exploitation SA
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