« Moving around in difficult terrain » course

This course provides dam workers and those working on water intakes or high-altitude sites with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

It familiarises them with particular terrain configurations : broken ground, sheer rock faces, etc. This training takes place over one
day. In concrete terms, participants learn to :

Cette formation se déroule sur une journée. Concrètement, les participants apprennent à :

  • assess the degree of risk in a particular situation
  • use their equipment appropriately
  • put in place anchorage points, tie knots
  • install a guard rail
  • take care of themselves and others
  • provide first aid

Specific skills

For many years, HYDRO Exploitation experts have been confronted by difficult terrain during their work at different high-altitude facilities. Their experience combined with that of mountain guides is of real benefit to those taking part in this training course.

    Equipment required

    • mountain boots
    • harness, shoulder sash
    • karabiners
    • rope

    Client benefits

    This course :

    • is fully in line with the realities and specific features of the hydroelectric sector
    • significantly increases the level of safety during interventions in difficult terrain
    • combines theory and practice for optimal assimilation of course content
    • allows participants to test their own equipment

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