This service deals with the inspection of large diameter safety equipment (butterfly valves, globe valves, bell housings)
as well as the examination of large injectors and pumps. Servicing is performed in accordance with the facility’s own
maintenance plans and the requirements of suppliers.


  • collection of constructive and historical data for the component – planning of operations
  • logistics and transportation organizing
  • detailed listing of wearing parts to be modified or replaced
  • modifications (engineering - construction)
  • complete dismantling of the hydraulic component
  • assessment of the condition of parts and decision regarding the work to be carried out
  • drafting and updating of drawings
  • sand blasting and anti-corrosion treatment
  • non-destructive testing of materials (MT-PT-VT)
  • repair by welding (TIG-MAG-MIG-Stick)
  • addition of materials - return to original dimensions
  • machining work
  • reassembly
  • submission of complete documentation (reports and procedures)
  • pressure testing with oil or water up to 400 bars

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation has more than 50 years’ experience in the composition and operation of different types of
hydraulic components. The company has a team of engineers who specialise in materials and construction, as well as
qualified mechanics. In addition, we have specific tooling for this type of work.

Client benefits

Clients who choose this service benefit from :

  • an objective analysis of the situation
  • an all-inclusive service
  • anticipation of problems based on accumulated experience and hence concrete proposals for improvement
  • the use of recent technologies and processes to increase the service life of components

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