Non-destructive testing makes it possible to detect cracks or porosity, bulk defects in a mechanical part, without altering it.

NDT can be carried out during manufacturing, renovation or on-site condition checks carried out at regular intervals. Facility owners can use this to plan the necessary corrective measures for their installations.
This service also makes it possible to verify a welding job or to approve the quality of a raw material before it is machined.


There are several types of non-destructive testing. Our certified experts carry these out themselves:

  • Visual testing (VT), which can provide essential information on the external condition of a part by detecting obvious defects such as wear, corrosion or open cracks.
  • Penetrant testing (PT), which consists of applying a coloured (red) liquid penetrant to the surface, which enters the part's pores. After removing the excess penetrant, a developer is applied to cause the remaining liquid in the pores and cracks to resurface through capillary action. This method reveals defects measuring 1 µm in width, 100 times finer than a strand of hair.
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT), which makes detection of superficial or even slightly more underlying defects possible by applying a magnetic developer and magnetising the metal part to saturation. This process only applies to ferromagnetic materials: steels (except austenitic steels), cast iron, nickel, and cobalt.

On request, we can also carry out ultrasonic (UT) or radiographic (RT) testing to detect internal defects.

    Client benefits

    Non-destructive testing provides a precise analysis of a mechanical part's condition, its state of wear, and its capacity to remain in operation. It makes it possible for hydroelectric facility owners to plan maintenance work on their installations.

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