Our central workshops, located at the Vorziers site in Martigny, enable us to respond quickly to our customers needs. (product sheet)

The Central workshops, grouped on the Vorziers site in Martigny accommodate :

  • a machine workshop (US) which enables the manufacture of various mechanical parts
  • a wheel rehabilitation workshop (RR) which provides necessary services for pump and turbine wheel maintenance and repairs (Pelton, Francis)
  • a reconditioning workshop for mechanical components (RCM) which ensures the overhaul of various hydroelectric station mechanical units (valves, injectors, guide blades,…). It is also equipped for sanding and for painting parts as well as carrying out pressure tests
  • a laboratory for chemical analyses, specialising in analyses of insulating oils and lubricants (physico-chemical analyses, dissolved gas, furans,…)

There are also non-destructive checks (bleeding, magnafluxing, etc.) of various mechanical elements constructed or reconditioned in the workshops as well as in the power stations.

The regrouping of our workshops enables us to maintain and develop our specialised know-how and to take advantage of the various resulting synergies.


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