Transient phenomena modelling / simulation
To ensure the safety of hydroelectric facilities, HYDRO Exploitation has developed a proactive, systematic method of identifying, assessing and managing...
Analytical and FEM dimensioning
When mechanical installations are inspected or rehabilitated, machine components sometimes need to be replaced or modified.
Welding activities
Hydroelectric production equipment is largely composed of joint welded parts. The entire welding process is a special process requiring a high level of skills and special...
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Non-destructive testing makes it possible to detect cracks or porosity, bulk defects in a mechanical part, without altering it.
Thermodynamic efficiency measurement
The performance of the hydroelectric units must be checked at regular intervals to ensure peak efficiency.
Vibration diagnosis
Hydro Exploitation provides a complete service for vibration diagnostic solutions (measurements and analysis) on all types of hydroelectric machines.
Inspection of forced conduits
The inspection of forced conduits allows the owners of hydroelectric facilities to assess the viability of their anticorrosion protection, as well as the renewal or...
Laser Tracker - Highly accurate three-dimensional measurements
Laser Tracker measures in three dimensions and, due to its technical characteristics, meets the high requirements for dimensioning...
3D digital printing & reverse engineering
3D scanning is a contactless measurement technology which enables data acquisition (point clouds) for the purpose of creating a solid model. Combined with a...
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