When mechanical installations are inspected or rehabilitated, machine components sometimes need to be replaced or modified.

In order to ensure optimal dimensioning,
HYDRO Exploitation uses the following range of
procedures :

  • FEM calculations (verification, optimization or stress determination, for conventional remaining service life determination or fitness-for-purpose analysis)
  • Analytical calculations based on pressurized
  • equipment standards (dimensioning)

In addition of the calculation, the service also includes a full report which includes the input data, the procedure (assumptions and standards applied) and conclusions and/or recommendations.


    • gathering of the available information (consultation of archives etc.)
    • setting the objectives to be reached, the calculation method being defined in collaboration with the Customer (note that HYDRO Exploitation’s recommendations will be based on its own experience)
    • measurements of components as required
    • performing calculation, maintaining close contact with the customer in the event of variations from the defined procedure
    • analysis of results (with support from HYDRO Exploitation experts)
    • provide suggestions and recommend action based on the results of the calculation
    • preparing a technical report

    Specific skills

    As part of this service, HYDRO Exploitation offers its customers :

    • engineering knowledge and experience under one roof, which enables us to offer a complete product
    • specialized resources (standards and software) and specially trained personnel for the calculations
    • pressurized equipment design in accordance with current standards

    Client benefits

    • customers play an active role in determining the calculation basis, target and scope of work
    • calculations by practical users, for practical users. HYDRO Exploitation operates all kinds of pressurized equipment and has the expertise required in-house
    • calculations performed on the basis of a validated quality plan
    • recommendations from internal HYDRO Exploitation specialists on specific problematic areas arising from the calculation results
    • better understanding of how individual components function
    • determination of acceptance criteria for non-destructive testing (NDT) of mechanical components

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