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Integrating a penstock into the landscape
Located on a steep slope, the penstock of the Farettes (Aigle) plant was disguised with landscaping measures to reduce its visual impact. A project headed...
Overhaul of the valve and alternator
Called out to an EDF plant in the French Alps, our assembly team once again demonstrated its expertise in on-site work.
Re-commissioning the control-command unit
HYDRO Exploitation updated the Fionnay power plant’s control-command unit and connected it to Swissgrid’s HV grid. Some of the staff present had already...
Virtual Tour of Central Workshops
All manner of resources and expertise under one roof! Join a virtual tour to explore our Central Workshops in Martigny.
The keys to success: anticipate and coordinate
Tasked with the job of cleaning up the injectors, our Central Workshops in Martigny carried out the work in record time given the current supply...
Open Day
Open Day Central Workshops Martigny. HYDRO Exploitation put the small wheels on the big ones to welcome its guests at the open day.
Swissgrid’s show of confidence
After winning the tender to replace electrical substation AIS 220kV in Fionnay, HYDRO Exploitation was given the opportunity to fulfil the most exacting demands.
Technological monitoring is a must
The offer for inspecting structures with drones is evolving and HYDRO Exploitation is fully invested in this trend through its partnerships with specialised...
Cryogenic cleaning: high-performance and speed
Cleaning is an essential step in the maintenance and repair of electrical machines. The use of natural and “green” cryogenic reduces the time it...
Inspection of the structures: dive into the heart of the plants ages
The inspection and monitoring of civil and mechanical engineering structures is among HYDRO Exploitation’s range of high...
Servicing Francis turbine wheels
Repairing a Francis turbine wheel requires specialist skills that can be found at HYDRO Exploitation’s Central Workshops in Martigny.
Valorisation énergétique au cœur de Moiry
Pour les Forces Motrices de la Gougra, HYDRO Exploitation a piloté l’installation d’un groupe de dotation à l’intérieur du barrage. Une...
Welding the penstock
Ensuring the lasting quality of the plants is a priority for the owners. It is in this context that HYDRO Exploitation SA often finds itself asked to carry out such work, as in...
Rapport annuel 2021: L’hydroélectricité à nouveau plébiscitée
En 2021, HYDRO Exploitation a mené de nombreux chantiers de réhabilitation et de maintenance d’ouvrages hydroélectriques,...
Laser tracker: flexibility and precision
Thanks to a high-performance tool, surveyors at HYDRO Exploitation have been providing highly accurate measurements and testing procedures for ten years. Not...
Working for EDF in Haute-Savoie
The HYDRO Exploitation assembly team carried out maintenance work on two power plants in the French Alps at the end of last year. Quality work and adherence to...
Why a supervisor is important
The commissioning of a hydroelectric power plant, regardless of its size, is a crucial and delicate step. Having some form of supervision offers an undeniable advantage...
Meeting our clients
HYDRO Exploitation will be exhibiting at the Powertage in Zurich and at Aqua Pro in Bulle.
Challenges for the polymechanics
Thanks to their new equipment, which cannot be found anywhere else in French-speaking Switzerland, the Central Workshops are taking on new challenges, from machining...
Flexibility as a reinforcement
A strategic development threatened by the movements of a geological fault, the Tine’s feeder has been revamped. HYDRO Exploitation SA proposed, studied and...
HVAC work at Bitsch
The Automation & Control team at HYDRO Exploitation made sure the automation of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system at the Bitsch plant was optimally replaced and...
Changement au sein de la Direction d'HYDRO Exploitation
Suite à un départ en retraite programmé, HYDRO Exploitation SA a choisi son futur nouveau responsable Administration & Finance en la...
Nant de Drance: advances in the commissioning
The pumped storage project at Nant de Drance entered its commissioning phase in 2018. Thanks to the specialised skills of its staff in managing and...
Le premier webinaire d'HYDRO Exploitation SA
Le 1er octobre a eu lieu notre webinaire « Les Aménagements hydrauliques : Monitoring au service de l’exploitation et de l’environnement. »
Ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concretes: an alternative to protective sheeting
Designed mainly for the construction and maintenance of civil engineering structures, UHPC is a new generation...
Conformity with transmission Code 2019 (TC2019)
The transmission code (TC) is a document that defines the rules and technical requirements that must be observed by all parties playing a significant...
Thermodynamic method for energy optimisation
These past few months, our engineers have been working on efficiency measurements in three power plants using the thermodynamic method. Objective:...
Châteauneuf WWTP: regulations and command and control
This spring, we carried out the regulation and command and control of the aeration tanks at the Châteauneuf wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)....
Poursuite de la hausse des activités en 2020
Durant l’exercice écoulé, les activités de l’entreprise de services dans le secteur hydroélectrique, HYDRO Exploitation SA, ont poursuivi la...
Measurements and electrical assessments
HYDRO exploitation is an expert in the maintenance of hydroelectric plants. To underpin its work, several diagnostic measures have been put in place so that...
VITEOS SA: the analysis of transformer oils
VITEOS SA has been working together with our accredited oil testing laboratory for several years. This company, created with the merger of Services...
Bricola catchment: repair of La Maya channel
During the night of 3 October 2020, very bad weather with heavy rainfall caused damage to the La Maya channel, which holds the intake pipes for the...
ED –Belvédère: mechanical maintenance
EDF’s Unité de Production Méditerranée [Mediterranean generation unit] engaged us to carry out mechanical maintenance works in the Belvédère plant...
First artificial flooding of the river Hongrin
Artificial flooding of the river Hongrin is required annually, in response to a decision on the cleaning up of water courses in the cantons of Vaud and...
Marécottes: refurbishment of the reservoir gates
In 2020, SBB scheduled a lengthy shutdown in order to reconstruct the penstock at Corbes, which forms an integral part of SBB’s Châtelard-Vernayaz...
Services: high voltage (HV) substation engineering works
Engineering work to refurbish HV substations is just one of the services we offer customers who have entrusted the operation of their...
Tannuwald and Serra: refurbishment of MV substations and their internal systems (LV)
As part of the refurbishment of the Tannuwald power plant we were asked to construct a medium voltage (MV)...
Nouveau centre d'usinage dans nos ateliers
Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer l'acquisition d'un nouveau centre d'usinage «Box in Box» modèle CORREA AXIA 70 dans nos ateliers centraux de Martigny.
Strengthening our transformer diagnostics services
We recently purchased two new diagnostic instruments to determine the condition of transformers and perform testing procedures. We offer these...
Fossau: coordination of commissioning the plant and putting it into operation.
At the end of 2018, Energie Renouvelable Vouvry (ERV) hired us to coordinate the commissioning of their new plant, the...
In-house training for Swiss dam technicians
HYDRO Exploitation organised a technical training day for Swiss dam technicians in October 2019, against the impressive backdrop of the Grande Dixence Dam....
La Peuffeyre: restoration of fish migration
At the end of 2019, we constructed two artificial sills on the Avançon d’Anzeinde river for our client Romande Energie SA in order to remove barriers...
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